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A simple explanation of a Rain Garden is a depressed area that is designed to use water that runs off buildings, pavements and other construction during a period of rain. A Rain Garden allows the run-off to be directed into the garden area and be used by flowers, grasses, and shrubs, while naturally filtering contaminates from the water before it re-enters the water table. Rain Gardens are also designed to help lessen the use of artificial irrigation, so we can conserve water. An additional benefit to planting a Rain Garden is that they attract Hummingbirds, Butterflies and Birds.

Listed below are some of the flower and grass seeds that we carry for Rain Gardens. There are many others that we carry that can be used also, but these are the most recommended by local universities and publications on this subject.

Normal(Mesic) Soil Types
Evening Primrose Pale Purple Coneflower
Wild Bergamot Joe Pye Weed
Leadplant Praireie Smoke
Obedient Plant Grayhead Coneflower
Columbine Blackeyed Susan
Purple Prairie Clover Yarrow
Common Milkweed Blazingstar-Gayfeather
Ironweed Smooth Aster
Sky Blue Aster Golden Alexander
Beardtongue Smooth Penstemon
Big Bluestem Grass Little Blue stem Grass
Switchgrass Indiangrass
Moist Soil Types
Sweet Joe Pye Weed Swamp Milkweed
Cardinal Flower Great Blue Lobelic
Pink Turtlehead Obedient Plant
Wild Bergamot Lead Plant
Purple Prairie Clover Smooth Penstemon
Ironweed new England Aster
Blackeyed Susan Turtlehead
Grayhead Coneflower Purple Coneflower
Spotted Joe Pye Sneezeweed
Big Bluestem grass
Dry Soil Types
Brown-eyed Susan Bky Blue aster
Butterflyweed Ironweed
New England Aster Pale Purple Coneflower
Purple Coneflower Grayhead Coneflower
Prairie Smoke Little Bluestem grass
Switchgrass Indiangrass

One Last word of advice:

It is best to start your seeds in containers or flats and transplant them into your garden. Remember that when your garden receives the re-directed rain run off, there will be a temporary flooding of the area, and your seeds will be washed around and covered and they will not be able to germinate and grow in this environment. Very small seedlings will be disturbed also, that is why we suggest starting them in containers and then transplanting them into a 4" size pot for a while to establish a good root system. If starting them indoors or in flats is not feasible for you then please contact our greenhouse in early March and we will be glad to start plant for you to be picked up in May and planted directly into your new Rain Garden


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