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The Lady slippers that you are ordering today have been grown in a greenhouse and are not salvaged or taken from the wild. They were germinated and grown in a flask and then transplanted into pots. They are sold under a permit registered with the State of Minnesota.

The lady slippers that you are ordering today are dormant and they will arrive as a bare root with next year’s growth tip already started. Examine your roots at the time of delivery and if you are not happy with their condition, immediately notify us for a refund and how to return the shipment.

Plant your root as soon as possible, following the instructions that will come with your lady slipper. This is extremely important to the success of growing your lady slipper.

The size and age vary on our lady slippers. A “4 year old” lady slipper is 2-3 years from bloom, depending on how quickly she re-establishes herself after you plant her this fall. A nearly blooming size ladyslipper is 1-2 years from bloom, depending on how quickly she re-establishes herself.

The seed from your lady slipper will not be viable, but the lady slipper root will multiply from the root system. You will receive full instructions to plant your lady slipper outdoors. We recommend outdoor planting. The lady slippers that we sell are winter hardy and do fine even in the coldest parts of Northern Minnesota.

Anticipated ship date is the second week in October

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