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BASIL, WINDOWBOX – Annual, truly a bonsai basil with compact, neat 6-8 inch umbrella shaped plants and little l/2 inch leaves bursting with flavor and fragrance.

BASIL, LEMON – Annual, citrus-scented lemon basil is a must in the kitchen as well as complimentary to any garden.

BASIL, SWEET GREEN – Annual, is a carefully selected, vigorous, aromatic green basil strain with rich spicy-sweet flavor that blends well with all other herbs and enhances every day cooking.

CATNIP, Perennial, cats are attracted to the aromatic foliage. The leaves are used to flavor teas and tonics.

CHAMOMILE – Annual, scented foliage, flowers which is used in teas for enjoyment and medicine.

CHERVIL – Annual, finely chopped leaves add a delicious flavor to pork, veal, lamb and garden vegetables and eggs.

CHIVES – Tender perennial, succulent fine leaves keep their slender shape and don’t get course with age. Edible lilac, pink blossoms have a mild, sweet flavor.

CILANTRO – Annual, slow bolt variety with a delicious spicy, pungent, bright green leaf essential for Mexican and Asian dishes. Our slow bolt strain holds better than any other at the leaf stage.

CORIANDER – Annual, this is the seed from the cilantro plant. Seeds are used to flavor pastries, beans, meats, and fish dishes.

DILL – Annual, sweet tasting, great for seasoning dishes and for pickling. Try it on your egg dishes.

FENNEL – Annual, fresh leaves are used for flavoring salads, soups and sauces. Stems can be steamed or eaten raw.

GOURMET CAT – MIXED GREENS – Annual. For Cats, Rabbits and Birds. Organically grown grasses just for them will help deflect them from eating houseplants, aids digestion and helps prevent hair balls.

LAVENDER – Tender perennial. Treat as an annual in Northern climates. Beautiful lilac flowers with delightfully fragrant leaves. Perennial in Zone 4 or warmer. Perfect for drying and potpourri. Grow and harvest all in one year.

MINT – Perennial, is a vigorous grower. Contain with an edging so you can enjoy its refreshing flavored, cool tasting leaves in a variety of ways. Add to salads, vegetables, potato dishes and fruit cocktails. Garnish drinks, melons and ice cream and in jelly.

OREGANO – Perennial, are grown for its leaves to be used in Mediterranean and Mexican dishes. Use the leaves in salad dressings, meat load, stews and meat dishes.

PARSLEY – Plain leaf or Curled, Annual that is easy to grow indoors or out. Use as a garden edging or in flowerbeds. Use for garnish and flavoring.

ROSEMARY – Tender Perennial, Not winter hardy in Minnesota, but great to grow in a pot and bring in for the winter! A shrubby evergreen herb, that provides delightful seasoning to poultry, meat and potato entrees. Best grown in a container.

SAGE – Perennial, a popular broadleaf herb that is ideal to season wild game, poultry, pork and chowders.

SAVORY – Annual, Attractive flowers and sweet tangy-flavored leaves. Used in salads, soups, sauces, egg dishes, meats and vinegars.

SWEET MARJORAM – Annual, Small rounded leaves of sweet marjoram have a spicy sweet aroma and flavor. Use leaves in soups, salads, vinegars, casseroles and with meat and fish dishes.

THYME– Perennial, Intensely aromatic thyme is indispensable in al kinds of savory dishes throughout the classic Mediterranean cuisines of France, Italy and Greece. It enhances both Cajun and Creole food. Use the spicy little leaves blend beautifully with the flavors of lemon, garlic, basil and parsley for seasoning vegetables, seafood and poultry. Thyme is easy to freeze or dry.

THYME, CREEPING - Perennial, Shiny little dark green rounded leaves. When crushed the leaves release a light aromatic thyme perfume with a hint of citrus. Low growing plants over time will make a scented carpet. Use between steeping stones, rock crevices and to edge garden beds.


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